A refresher course in breastfeeding for grandmothers and grandfathers

Fortunately, we have gained a lot of new insights into breastfeeding over the past 30 years. And during consultations I regularly hear from grandmothers that they do not know how to help their daughter-in-law because it is either so different now or because they have not breastfed themselves.
So a refresher course in which we will discuss:

What has your own experience been?

What are the new insights into pain during feeding, milk production and mastitis; that's where the most important changes are.

How can you help your daughter-in-law if she needs it?

An evening of 1.5 hours, in any case online, but if there is sufficient interest in the area, in the nice space of Het Grote Begin in Weesp.

Yes, grandfathers too: I increasingly see very actively supportive grandfathers in families. And just as expectant fathers are happy with their new knowledge after the breastfeeding workshop, I expect this will also apply to grandfathers)

And of course I also provide regular breastfeeding information for expectant parents.

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Why breastfeeding information? And why with your partner who is not going to breastfeed himself? Breastfeeding is natural but not self-evident. Knowledge gives power: make sure you know what you are doing. In the information I do not discuss why you should breastfeed, it is not a ‘sales pitch’. Expect practical knowledge with which you can find your own course regarding breastfeeding in the first days and weeks with your child. Partners are therefore very welcome and do not pay extra. A partner can be your life partner, but also someone else who will be with you and your child a lot in the first weeks and days to support you.

Opfriscursus borstvoeding opa's en oma's

I also give an information evening at the Midwives Amsterdam South; you can register for this with their assistant.

I also teach lessons to healthcare professionals. Because you can also learn breastfeeding guidance, which makes your work more fun.

I regularly give lessons at Vrouw en Zorg. Both in-company and open registration. Check the site for information about upcoming workshops.

For a single lesson or lecture I charge 150 euros per hour, including preparation time (at least 1 hour) and excluding travel costs.
If the organization applies a teacher rate, I can deviate from the proposed rate in consultation. I only give free lessons to volunteer organizations.

And I am writing an online book: Breastfeeding Beyond Protocols. Please read along if you are interested. The book is aimed at healthcare providers who want to be able to and offer more than just following the protocols. Because breastfeeding is so much more!