Breastfeeding(help) in times of Covid-19

It’s a nasty paradox. With the threat of a virus that causes airway infections breastfeeding is even more important than normal. And that just when we all get the advice to minimise close physical contact. Breastfeeding is about as close as it can get. When feeding...

Myrte van Lonkhuijsen borstvoeding en Covid

Cutting the mast?

I regularly hear an analogy of a sailing vessel to explain why it is important to treat a tonguetie invasively. In this analogy the tonguetie is the sail. Only freeing the superficial tie (the sail) would be inefective because the stiff base of the tie (the mast)...


Breastfeeding the Concorde-way: a manual

At last: a manual for the Concorde-way of latching on. Made by a friend who designs lovely things with her colleague: The concorde method is a way to help mothers and babies breastfeed comfortably with a tonguetie, before and/or after treatment. And...

Concorde manual Myrte van Lonkhuijsen lactation consultant